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StoopidDude January 25, 2024
3rd show of 2023, 3rd show ever, and also, just 9 days aftet the 1st. This show however will be the best.

1st off. My fiance rode the rail dead center all night, with NOW FRIENDS, from other states. ..

For starters, we got the movements setlist handed to my by joshia swain, along with some signatures.

Then atmosphere came out, and slug made sure i got a setlist as well..

Sublime was awesome, eric blessed us on the rail.

Slightly stoopid however, threw the BEST saturday concert we ever attended. Kyle and miles were coming to us all night and dropping guitar picks for us. During the closing song, "closer to the sun", kyle came to the crowd and put mic to my fiance and i and the rest of the crowd. They did an encore cover of "intergalactic" as tribute to the beastie boys., after the show was over, i was given my 3rd setlist of the night, and my very 1st slightly stoopid setlist. What makes this special is i learned a title of a new song coming, and it ead played live. 

Im hooked.. i need more stoopid

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