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Lukeangi36 October 12, 2023
The Dry Diggings Festival on Sunday 8/27 was capped off by Slightly Stoopid headlining for the evening.

Prepared with an epic setlist and several on stage guests, they gave us their prototypical chords and the legendary riffs we have come to love so much. Harmonizing tones from the saxophone to the keyboard. Percussion and drums echoing through the night. You could feel the good vibes from everyone in the crowd as we sang our favorite tracks together.

Closer to the Sun finished the evening off and everything felt like it was complete again. Incredible day from start to finish! This band gives me life <3

-Luke Angi 

Kingfish4200 June 10, 2023
This was my very first stoopid show ever, it was just the 3 guys, miles, Kyle, and Paul. It was a reggae festival with top billing going to Buju Banton, Yellowman, Morgan heritage, and many others I can't think of now.

      It was a cloudy day, outdoor show, actually cought Kyle hanging out in the crowed and and got to speak to him for a bit. He was super cool and actually gave us mad respect for driving so far(we drove from Kentucky)just for them and put me on the guest list for the Nashville show they were playing in a few weeks. He was super cool and him just willing to hang and shoot the shit with me Is what really turned me into a stoopid head at that exact moment.

    Paul was hanging on the side of the stage and went to talk to him and I knew he was new and asked him how he got the gig. So I got to hear that story and he was very cool too. And miles was awesome aswell. The whole band was just willing to take time out and talk to the fans like that was something special.

     So as I said earlier it was a cloudy dayit was sprinkling long before it was time for stoopid to take the stage. When they finally got on stage very first song was "till the pussy gets wet" that's what miles said on stage (or till it gets wet) as the future album called it. Lol. Because it started Rainer harder they had to leave the stage early and only got to play 5 songs
 1st - till it gets wet, 2nd - officer. 3rd - fire shot. 4th - ?, 5th - ? ( sorry don't remember the last two songs.

   What I do remember is this one and only show was the moment that changed me into a stoopid head for life. And better person, with all the positivity they put out. The community is 2nd to none and have met and made so many friends because of this group. Stoopid is and will always be my favorite band. 

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