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Lukeangi36 May 14, 2024
Incredible evening at the Thunder Valley Casino Venue!! Dan Kelly always impresses me with his lead vocals for Fortunate Youth. Good Times (Roll On) was the encore and really brought the crowd to their feet! Their set was fantastic to open up the night! The break between bands was short, and before you knew it Stoopid took the stage!

Putting together one of my most favorite setlists Ive had the had the chance to hear live, Slightly Stoopid reminded me why they have been one of my favorite bands since I was a young teen. Kicking the night off with one of my favorites, "Good Life", then getting into some older jams like Officer & No Cocaine, the guys ripped up the stage for over an hour!

On no ones BINGO card was "This Joint" and "Couldn't Get High"! These two tracks might have been the highlight of the night! I am ALWAYS thankful to hear Collie Man, as it holds a special place in my heart. And now that I have seen it on setlists, my mind CANNOT think anything else besides "PUSSY" when I hear or see "Till It Gets Wet" lol SORRY MOM..

Zeplike into CTTS is always a great way to finish a show and I almost always get teared up during the sax solo... this evening was no different, Dela brought me tears of joy and my night was ended on the highest of highs. I caught a setlist throw into the crowd after everything concluded and that added to another memory ill never forget. Thanks to Slightly Stoopid for a fantastic evening in Northern California!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT! Stay Stoopid ❤️‍🔥🫶❤️‍🔥

StoopidTiff February 20, 2024
Cali Vibes was an amazing time! I have listened to Come Around probably 786 times in the past year, and I was really bummed that they didn't play it at Reggae Rise Up so I was just hoping and waiting to see if they'd play it at CV, and holy smokeballs they didn't just play it...they played the living fuck out of that song and I just about cried!! Once again another amazing set by Slightly Stoopid and I literally can't get enough of the talent that they push out with such positive energy!!! The feeling of hearing and seeing them live is unexplainable. Thank you guys for the wave that's still running through my bloodstream 3 days later and will continue until the next show! You make every festival worth it! 🤙🏼 

much love


Chuco_619 February 20, 2024
The boys absolutely rocked the house and brought the party at CaliVibes! The crowd was going wild and everyone was dancing and having fun. I wish they would've had more time to play! The guest appearances were so much fun and the boys looked like they were having a blast! Thank you! 
See you fellas at the next one!💪🏼🫶🏼🤙🏼

Lukeangi36 February 20, 2024
Cali Vibes Fest 2/17


It was an incredible day of live music at the Cali Vibes Festival in Long Beach. Coming on to the stage to present the Saturday Co-Headliner was B-Real AKA Dr. Greenthumb, of Cypress Hill, and he RELLY set the tone! After a quick intro he starts the chant...


"WHEN I SAY LET'S GET, YOU SAY STOOPID!"......."LETS GET" and the crowd followed up with a roar of "STOOPID!!!!" 


The band took the stage, the drums kicked off, followed up the horns, and everyone else fell into place. "IF YOU WANT IT, YOU CAN HAVE IT NOW! IN ANY WAY YOU WANT TO GOoOoOOO"!!! It was such an epic intro.


Followed up by some of their best hits like Officer & 2AM, they came back their most recent release "Got Me On The Run", with Kaleo Wassman on stage featuring him on Vocals. Its really incredible to see these guys show their continual support year after year, most recently at Dry Diggings in 2023 now down to Cali Vibes in 2024.


 "Come Around" would play next, and as Miles told me in earlier in the day at the meet and greet.. "We are going to play some punk shit tonight" and had real a big smile as he said it lol, So I kinda knew Come Around (Punk) would happen, and just as I thought, it followed up the original song and I turned the concrete into my personal mosh pit lol, it was a blast and even though I was in a circle pit by myself, everyone loved the energy and vibes.


Later in the set we had another appearance by the man himself, B-Real aka Dr. Greenthumb! He featured on Vocals in a Stoopid cover of the Cypress Hill song "What's your number". This was another special moment as it was their first time ever playing this track. If you didnt get a chance to be there or hear this then I recommend checking out the recorded stream on Facebook at "The Slightly Stoopid Couch Tour" or any other recordings you may find.


Perfect Gentleman would incite me to start another circle pit and some two stepping while the surrounding crowd danced in unison. It was close to the end of the set and Closer To The Sun started playing. This song always gets me emotional, im not sure why but it really hits me hard. What an incredible track.. the riffs, the melodys, the beat, the lyrics, the compassion put into this song. I especially love it when Karl Denson hits the Sax solo, I almost always lose my mind lol. 


These guys put themselves together time after time, year after year, and continue to perform songs that melt your face! This night was another one for the books and I couldn't be more thankful to be apart of it. Thank you to Slightly Stoopid for the memories, and to all the Stoopidheads / Ese Locos out there!!!! 


Much love all, STAY STOOPID! 


- Luke Angi


Lukeangi36 February 7, 2024
I grew up in the East Bay Area, and The UC Berkeley Greek Theatre is favorite venue around! This was the first Stoopid show of my life, and to be honest, it is a bit blurry to recall as I had a little too much to drink on this particular evening lol.. but I do remember Matisyahu was throwing down some of his classic tracks, and it was my first time ever hearing Tribal Seeds! They both had great performances!


 Slightly Stoopid took the stage in the evening as the headliner and the place erupted in cheers!! With the sun setting on the pacific ocean and a tower of fog coming from the stage, they started jamming and the irie vibes took the venue by storm! This is the kind of positive energy that is hard to explain for me, but unrivaled by almost anything out there. I specifically remember 2AM playing and myself and others dancing around the entire concourse for the whole track lol. Stoopid took me through a face melting journey that night!!! 


The timeless tracks, incredible visualizations, on stage improv with their instruments & lyrics, flawless transitions, and the collaboration of musical genius across the stage. That was the first time I saw how a band can utilize all elements of music during a live performance. I knew after this night that Slightly Stoopid would be one of my favorite bands for years to come and these kinds of shows were the pinnacle of live music. I needed to be apart of this family!!! Ill never forget this night and the energy that was in the air.


Stay Stoopid my friends 

- Luke A.







StoopidDude January 25, 2024
3rd show of 2023, 3rd show ever, and also, just 9 days aftet the 1st. This show however will be the best.

1st off. My fiance rode the rail dead center all night, with NOW FRIENDS, from other states. ..

For starters, we got the movements setlist handed to my by joshia swain, along with some signatures.

Then atmosphere came out, and slug made sure i got a setlist as well..

Sublime was awesome, eric blessed us on the rail.

Slightly stoopid however, threw the BEST saturday concert we ever attended. Kyle and miles were coming to us all night and dropping guitar picks for us. During the closing song, "closer to the sun", kyle came to the crowd and put mic to my fiance and i and the rest of the crowd. They did an encore cover of "intergalactic" as tribute to the beastie boys., after the show was over, i was given my 3rd setlist of the night, and my very 1st slightly stoopid setlist. What makes this special is i learned a title of a new song coming, and it ead played live. 

Im hooked.. i need more stoopid

StoopidDude January 25, 2024

Drove all the way down to camden for this. Wasnt up front, but had perfect seats, and no one else around. The boys blew the roof off camden that night.

Also got to meet up with other AWESOME stoopidheads. 

I had an amazing time, 2nd show in 4 days.. nice. Im getting stoopid in 2023

StoopidDude January 25, 2024
This was my very 1st stoopid show ever. I went all out with VIP Meet & Greet tickets. I was 3 rows from stage with my fiance. I was completely blown away by how down to earth the band is. The show was way more than i expected it to be. After the night was over, i wanted more, and the whole drive home i blasted slightly stoopid up the garden state parkway.


Stay stoopid..

Lukeangi36 October 12, 2023
The Dry Diggings Festival on Sunday 8/27 was capped off by Slightly Stoopid headlining for the evening.

Prepared with an epic setlist and several on stage guests, they gave us their prototypical chords and the legendary riffs we have come to love so much. Harmonizing tones from the saxophone to the keyboard. Percussion and drums echoing through the night. You could feel the good vibes from everyone in the crowd as we sang our favorite tracks together.

Closer to the Sun finished the evening off and everything felt like it was complete again. Incredible day from start to finish! This band gives me life <3

-Luke Angi 

Kingfish4200 June 10, 2023
This was my very first stoopid show ever, it was just the 3 guys, miles, Kyle, and Paul. It was a reggae festival with top billing going to Buju Banton, Yellowman, Morgan heritage, and many others I can't think of now.

      It was a cloudy day, outdoor show, actually cought Kyle hanging out in the crowed and and got to speak to him for a bit. He was super cool and actually gave us mad respect for driving so far(we drove from Kentucky)just for them and put me on the guest list for the Nashville show they were playing in a few weeks. He was super cool and him just willing to hang and shoot the shit with me Is what really turned me into a stoopid head at that exact moment.

    Paul was hanging on the side of the stage and went to talk to him and I knew he was new and asked him how he got the gig. So I got to hear that story and he was very cool too. And miles was awesome aswell. The whole band was just willing to take time out and talk to the fans like that was something special.

     So as I said earlier it was a cloudy dayit was sprinkling long before it was time for stoopid to take the stage. When they finally got on stage very first song was "till the pussy gets wet" that's what miles said on stage (or till it gets wet) as the future album called it. Lol. Because it started Rainer harder they had to leave the stage early and only got to play 5 songs
 1st - till it gets wet, 2nd - officer. 3rd - fire shot. 4th - ?, 5th - ? ( sorry don't remember the last two songs.

   What I do remember is this one and only show was the moment that changed me into a stoopid head for life. And better person, with all the positivity they put out. The community is 2nd to none and have met and made so many friends because of this group. Stoopid is and will always be my favorite band. 

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